Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Party Planning...

Birthday season has arrived!! Miss I has gotten so many birthday invitations and we are booked every weekend with a party or gathering of some sort until the end of April!! Holy smokes! Her birthday party is on one of those weekends and I think we are all excited about it! She decided to have a Sofia the First themed party for her fourth birthday. So, with that decision made, I took to Pinterest of course! There wasn't a ton of ideas posted yet aside from the store bought items from Disney. Being the DIY type, I didn't really want the generic packaged stuff so I did a little thinking and some more Pin-searching.

If you are unfamiliar with the animated Disney show, it follows young Sofia in her journey of being a princess after her mom marries the King. "She's finding out, what being royal is all about!" (If you've seen the show, I know that you totally just sang that last line ;)

I thought about the episodes of the show that have aired already and tried to think about how I could interpret them into a party. I also tried spelling "Sofia" differently in my Pin-search. (Sofia, Sophia, Sopheea)
 **Tip- If you are ever coming up short with Pin results when searching, try a different spelling**

I came up with a few ideas for my princess's royal 4th birthday. The main party event will be the magician! In the show, there is a character named Cedric who is the Royal Sorcerer, so I thought a magician would be a great tie in so that all the little Princesses could enjoy the same kind of magic that Sofia does. 

The magic show will start about 30 minutes after the party is supposed to start, so while the kids are waiting/or waiting on all the guests to arrive, they'll be able to color some Sofia pictures that I found on Pinterest. I'll be buying a couple of boxes of crayons from the dollar store for the girlies to color with and share.

After the magic show is over, they'll be able to pet and meet the animals he used in the show (which ties in well with Sofia's animal friends!), and then the Flying Derby will commence. In one episode, Sofia tried out for the Flying Derby team at Royal Prep Academy. Its basically a horse race with obstacles, but the horses are actually pegasuses and fly through the track rather than run. I saw these noodle horses on Pinterest and thought they would be perfect for our Flying Derby! I am adding fairy wings from the dollar store so that our horses can "fly"! The winning racer will get a special prize and the other racers will get a ribbon. They'll all get take their race horse home with them as well!

We were going to make amulets, as Sofia's pretty purple necklace is a big part of the show, but Miss I and I ended up making them all already. They were easy to make, but did require parental help, so we  decided that they would just go in the goody bags for our fellow princess guests. You can check out the DIY instructions here.

I'm still working on the invitations. I'll be making those myself on the computer and Miss S has been helping with design ideas. Not sure exactly how we want them just yet. We will be sending them out 2 weeks prior to the party, so I had better decide what they'll look like quick.

My friend Amie from The Treat Retreat in Spring, TX will be making the cake. I can't wait to see the final product! Here is the Pinspiration for our Sofia cake :)

I am still planning and plotting and most likely will be right up until the party. But you can follow my plans and ideas on Pinterest and check out my Sofia the First Party board.

I can't wait to be able to show you all the finished products and end result of this party. Its going to be so much fun! And when this one is over I'll be able to jump right into planning a certain special someone's 8th birthday party!

Do you have little Princesses in your house? What was the theme of your last birthday party you planned?



  1. My two daughters are OBSESSED with Sofia. Sadly, it's the one year old who is truly a fan. I don't know that we'll be having a Sofia party (since her taste might be different in a year), but it's fun to look at new ideas!

  2. new follower from Deezy Does it showcase

  3. I am already a follower from Deezy's Pimpin Showcase BUT I LOVE this party idea!! My daughter is 18 now and last year's birthday/graduation masquerade ball was probably the last big party (until her wedding) that I'll get to plan. Enjoy the process!

  4. Super cute! My oldest birthday is months away and she loves both Sophia and My Little Ponies. I think a noodle horse/Pegasus race might just be the activity we'll need! Maybe we can make unicorns and add cutie marks if she wants to do MLP. Plus if there are boys we can do more manly colors for the noodle horses. Now I need ideas for a 1 year old birthday in September!

  5. Check out these cute Sofia favor tubs on Etsy.

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