Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Edible Easter Baskets - A MOPS Craft!

I absolutely love going to MOPS (Mothers Of PreschoolerS) for the fellowship and friends I have made there. They try to have a craft once a month, and this month our craft director, Krissy, came up with a super cute Easter craft!

Edible Easter Baskets

I can't get over how cute and easy these were! And the best part is that they are completely edible!

What You Need:
Sugar cones
Cake balls (your choice of flavor)
Almond Bark
Food Coloring
Jelly Beans
Sour Punch Straws

How To:
1. Make your cake balls. Our lovely director, Krissy made ours and supplied them for us. 
2. Freeze cake balls
3. Cut the tips of the sugar cones off, so that you have a hollow and flat edged cone.
4. Dye your coconut using 2-3 drops of food coloring. We had purple, yellow, green, pink, and blue "Easter grass".  
5. Melt Almond bark (we used the white!)
  6. Dip your cake balls into the melted almond bark. Be sure to cover the cake ball completely.
7. Slide your covered cake ball into your sugar cone "basket". You can spread a little extra coating on the top afterwards.

8. Place a Sour punch straw into the cone and coating to create your basket handle.

9. Decorate your basket with your colored coconut and jelly beans (we also had Sweet Tart bunnies and chicks...you can use any candy you'd like)

10. Let dry (not very long!) and then either use them to decorate for Easter or do like I did and let your kids eat them!! Miss I thoroughly enjoyed hers!!


With a little prep work from Mom (or Dad!) this would be something even the kiddos could do! A big thanks to Krissy for the instructions on how to make these!!


  1. Very cool! I love them!


  2. I have book of cake pop recipes that I got for my sister and it has a recipe similar to this in it. I have been wanting to make the ones in the book for a while now and just haven't been able to do it. =) Regina