Friday, January 25, 2013

Photo Fun Friday

I saw another blogger (and for the life of me can't remember which blog I saw it on... If its yours please let me know and I'll gladly credit you!) do this and I thought it was a neat idea. I take so many pictures with my iPhone that its fun to go back and review what exactly I took pictures of. Mostly it's my babies. But it's a nice reminder of happy and special times.

Like when my girls played dress up with my wedding dress and shoes. I know its only a matter of time before I will be taking these same pictures in dresses that fit them. I plan on framing these pictures and giving them to them on their wedding days (saw the idea on Pinterest, of course!)

Or when we went to the Houston zoo and the big girls got to feed a giraffe! And we rode the carousel and Baby A slept the almost the entire day.

And baby A's two month-day :) I can't believe how fast time seems to be flying now.  She's getting so big, so fast. I love watching her grow, but hate that her infancy is flying by! She's most likely my last baby and she's growing up so fast. Its crazy how when you're pregnant, 2 months seems like it takes FOREVER!!! But after they're born, 2 months is gone in the blink of an eye....I wonder if there's any way to reverse that? It would be much more enjoyable to everyone, I think.

Our trip to the park on beautiful January day. I really am blessed!!

And of course the random screen grabs I've taken of different things (mostly from Facebook) I especially like the one with the Manning brothers mocking Tom Brady!  LOL

Thursday, January 24, 2013

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My 5 Minute Rule...

My girls are 7 (on the downhill slide to 8) and 3 (ALMOST 4), and they love each other so much! They're really best friends. But they're still sisters. Which means they fight. Sometimes loudly. And sometimes more than necessary because one is intentionally aggravating the other. Which of course means I have to hear about it. I don't mind hearing about it so much when its far and few between and someone has really committed an awful crime against sisterhood. However, I don't like hearing about it when its petty whining.
"She won't let me give her a hug!" 
"She's sitting in my chair!" 
"She moved MY pony!" etc. 
And its really obnoxious when its all the time. They were getting particularly tattle-taleish and whiny a couple of weeks ago. They were literally fighting with, aggravating, and tattling on one another every 5 minutes or so. The General and I were at our wits ends!! 

We tried, the "Get Along" shirt

That totally did NOT work! All it did was cause my clumsy children to become even more clumsy and fall on top of each other constantly.

I tried listening to each of their grievances and punishing them each accordingly, but they were both in trouble so often for so many different random things that I forgot who was supposed to do which punishment. So THAT idea didn't work.

The hubs and I tried acting like them and reversing the roles on them. He would ask me for a hug and I'd say no, so he would run crying and whining to one of them saying "Momma won't let me hug her!" or he would sit down somewhere and I would run to the other kid and say "Daddy took my spot!!!" They just thought this was funny. They totally did not get the message we were trying to send.

Finally- I had what turned out to be a stroke of genius! I came up with the 5 minute rule!!

Because I was so tired of sorting out who did what to who and if it really happened like they said it did and so on and what forth and trying to punish the proper kid with right discipline, I decided that if either of them came to me to tattle on the other, they would each lose 5 minutes off their bedtime of the normal 8:30pm (on school nights- 9:00 pm on weekends). If they complained about dinner or what we were watching or something else petty that particular kid would lose 5 minutes. If I heard an abundance of fighting, they would both lose 5 minutes. I was tired of playing the referee so rather than sort through the girly drama (which I know will be plentiful in the years to come!) they needed to learn to handle it between the two of them if they didn't want to go to bed early. They also have the ability to EARN 5 minutes past their bedtime (30 minute earning max), if I see them displaying good behavior and getting along nicely with their sisters. I made the form below to help keep track of who had to go to bed when. I have it posted in the living room and move a small clothes pin up or down on each side to keep track.

I have to say that this has worked AMAZINGLY!!!! I saw a dramatic decrease in fighting, whining, and complaining within ONE DAY!!! By the end of the weekend, it had all but stopped completely. I am still shocked at how well its working. Whether it will continue to work still remains to be seen, but its been holding strong for about 2 weeks now so here's to hoping! Until next time...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'd rather give a bullet than take one...

Time for a serious post. There is a lot of things wrong with this country and how its citizens are becoming increasingly more victimized. I will warn you now, that I might offend you, and quite frankly if I do, I don't care. It simply means you need to open your eyes and really see whats going on. This is my opinion and politically correct or otherwise, I am entitled to it and luckily still have the freedom to express it for the time being.

Gun violence. Hot issue right now. And quite frankly I don't see why it needs to be. The solution is extremely simple, yet so many seem to turn a blind eye because....well I don't know why. The solution is that we need more guns...not less. Now let me explain what I mean. We need MORE GUNS IN THE HANDS OF GOOD PEOPLE. We need to educate the public and provide everyone with the tools and the knowledge to arm and protect themselves and those around them. More laws limiting gun sales or stricter background checks aren't going to solve this issue. Crazy people are crazy people are crazy people. If they want a gun, they aren't going to give a rat's behind about the laws or background checks. They will lie, cheat, and steal to get them regardless of what the politicians have put into effect. They are criminals, its what they do. All the stricter laws and background checks will do is make it harder for the good, law abiding citizens to purchase a firearm that could possibly used to stop the previously mentioned criminal.

Guns are not scary! They are not evil or mean or bad. They are pieces of metal and plastic/wood. Bullets are also not scary or evil or mean or bad. They are metal and powder. WHat is scary and evil and mean and bad are the people that obtain these weapons with the intention of hurting someone. The gun is a tool, just like a hammer or a car or a pencil. Its a tool. When people learn how to handle and respect guns, they can actually do way more good than bad. Let's look at two scenarios and you tell yourself (and BE HONEST!) which scenario you would feel safer in.

Scenario 1: You are a spectator at a SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) event. Men and women everywhere carrying pistols and rifles and bullets. All of these individuals are well aware of gun safety rules and know how to use their firearms efficiently and safely. During the competition one of the other spectators stands up and pulls out his own firearm and opens fire on the crowd.

Scenario 2: You are volunteering in your daughter's classroom at school. There is a single school officer who may or may not be on campus. There is a sign that states you are in a gun free zone
While volunteering, a man with a ski mask walks in and opens fire.

Which scenario do you feel safer in? Honestly. Which scenario is more likely? Scenario 2, which was demonstrated in the horrific tragedy on Dec 14. Why? Because criminals don't see the fine print at the bottom of that sign. They see a sign that looks like this instead.
So why is the country in such an uproar about taking guns away? Lets give more people guns. Let's educate more people and teach them how to use them safely and efficiently. Scenario 1 is so incredibly unlikely because criminals who walk into a school or a movie theater with the intention of killing innocent people are cowards. They choose places like that because they know that there is most likely no one there who will stop them. You are much safer from bad people with guns when you are surrounded by good people with guns than you are when the good people have been left with no defense. I'm a badass Momma and will damn sure take a bullet for my kids if I have to but I'd rather give a bullet (use my own firearm in defense) to protect them and get to continue being their Momma. Wouldn't you? Doesn't that seem more logical?

Don't believe me that good people with guns stop bad people with guns? Check out this article about an off-duty San Antonio Sheriff that stopped what could have been a deja vu of the Aurora tragedy. And why was this story kept quiet in the national news? This woman should be celebrated world wide! Sheriff or otherwise, she was armed and knew how to use her weapon safely and effectively. She had goodness in her heart and stopped the bad...with a gun! Want to argue with me that she's allowed to have a gun because she's a sheriff? Then check out this article.

But the majority of public places either won't allow you to carry a weapon or they look at you like you're the criminal. We are not "allowed" to defend ourselves from attack in any place outside of our home. And even then, if you shoot an intruder in your home, you better make sure you kill them or else they will sue you (and they've been known to actually WIN! Seriously, WTF?!) The laws in this country are seriously messed up. I know people agree with me on these issues, but for some reason, nothing is being done to rectify this situation. We need to stop listening to the media and demand better of our politicians. We are the ones who vote in these morons, and they are supposed to be listening to us, so lets make them or kick their asses out! We need to stand up for ourselves and tell the criminals, the politicians, the whole world- "This is my life, these are my rights, and you're not going to take either one of them away from me!"

We have so little ability to defend ourselves and our loved ones anymore because we are so limited by the unnecessary laws (which are repeatedly broken by....CRIMINALS!) Starting in school we are told "Use your words to solve your problems." Well that's great if your words can solve the problem. That is definitely a first course of action. But -I was told this when I was growing up, and I tell my kids the same thing- "Be nice to everyone and don't ever start any fights at school, but don't be afraid to finish one either." If a bully hits you and you say Stop and he/she doesn't stop, then I expect my kids to knock his/her block off. You fight back, bullies are significantly less likely to keep picking on you. Stand up for yourself! My Daddy says it best "Don't take shit from anyone." Want proof that it works?

I kid you not, in the first grade, a little boy was continually picking on my daughter. I told her to talk to him first and ask him to stop. I told her to tell a teacher. I even went to the assistant principal to talk about this situation. I went through all the "proper" channels. He wouldn't quit. Finally one day, he slapped her and she did what I had told her and she punched him square in the gut. He didn't pick on her at all the rest of the year and he actually started behaving better after that. Her teacher handled wonderfully, I might add. She began scolding her and asked why she had hit him. When she replied that he had slapped her first, the teacher simply said "Oh well, then this situation seems to have handled itself." And it had. The kids knew where they stood with one another and any other kids who thought it would be fun to bully her, knew to steer clear too. Once she stood up for herself and fought back, the problem solved itself.

But so rarely do schools handle situations like this with such common sense. It becomes a bigger issue than it should be and the victim is punished unnecessarily while the bully gets the sympathy and gets off scott free. And it only continues into adulthood. Its not politically correct to stand up for yourself anymore. You might offend someone else. Well guess what, too damn bad! We're not all going to agree on everything but we should all have the right to defend our choices, our views, our ideas, and most importantly ourselves.

Let's stop "using our words" and fight back. Criminals (and I use this term very loosely to describe any number of people if you know what I mean) are just bullies. If we punch them in their gut, they'll back down. They don't want us to fight back because it will only show the world how truly weak they are. America can be helped if its citizens would just arm themselves. With knowledge, with weapons, with common sense.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


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Thursday, January 10, 2013

I got distracted.... (My First Blog Hop!)

So I just posted about organizing and how I am distracted easily...well I was about to start on my office and got distracted....SHOCKER! However, I think its a valid distraction and will benefit this blog and maybe yours too!!

This is the first Blog Hop I have participated in and I am excited!! Thank you to Funny Postpartum Lady and Overworked Supermom for hosting! Hoping to find some new awesome blogs as well get mine out there! If you're new to my Pinspired World, please be sure to read my very first blog entry. I am new to the whole blogging thing and am trying to navigate my way through everything while being a stay at home mom...Hopefully you'll stick with me through all the craziness!

Let's get organized!!

That's easier said than done for this Momma...I am not a "neat" person. (This drives my dear sweet husband crazy too, as he is borderline OCD about tidiness) It also doesn't help that whenever I start organize some room or area or what have you, I am either distracted by something that I find to be more exciting OR Baby A demands my attention (and usually my boobs!) and by the time I get back to the process of organization its either time to go pick up one of the big girls from school or cook dinner or give baths or its bedtime....something! And then the day is done, and my organizing got as far as making a bigger mess in order to clean up/organize what was before, which of course is completely counterproductive.

I am currently in the process of cleaning up and organizing my office/guest room. You might not know it by looking in there, but I have actually made quite a bit of progress between the baby feedings, school pickups, homework help, dinners, etc. My biggest problem right now is that because we just moved into this house this past August, and because its a brand NEW house, I'm having trouble finding a place for everything. I have ZERO shelves in this room (aside from the bookcase that my husband bought and is now full of crafting items and scrapbooks). My biggest goal for that room at the moment is to simply throw away many of the items that are not needed. I am a packrat by nature and tend to think that Murphy's Law of throwing things away will bite me in the butt...."As soon you throw it away, you're going to need it for something!" BUT! C'est la vie. If I need something that I have wound up throwing away, then I will either consult Pinterest to see what I can use instead or I will just go buy it my mission is to fill at least three garbage bags with junk/trash by the time I have finished that room. I have already filled one. I have also found quite a few items that I am going to sell...either on the Facebook page or on eBay....

So what's the point of my ramblings? In an effort organize, I have set a goal for myself (three trash bags full) as well as provided a reward (money from the stuff being sold!) How do you find the motivation to do something you're not naturally good at?

After I get my office organized (or maybe while I work on the office....-see?! I get distracted) I am going to re organize my Pinterest boards and I am going to do something totally awesome....wanna know what??? Keep an eye out for my next blog post and/or watch my Pin boards! I am excited about it :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!!

So I said on my Facebook page that I would have a new blog posted about our New Year's activities on January it is January 6 and I am just now getting around to writing it. I would say shame on me, but here's what I have come to realize. I'm a mom of three young girls and the wife to a pretty awesome dude. I'm busy and spending time with them definitely trumps writing a blog post. That's not to say I don't enjoy this because I do but time is precious and my babies will be grown before I know it and by golly I want some fun and memorable moments before they have zero interest in hanging out with Mom.

So, now I have a few minutes while my darling, S holds Baby A and Miss I snuggles with her daddy. You might think this would be a quiet time, but you'd be wrong. Its actually quite the opposite and right now I have no interest in inserting myself into the drama that is unfolding in the other room. The General can handle it....I think.

Now, how about those New Year's activities?! We had tons of fun counting down the hours until the New Year by popping one balloon an hour. In those balloons were various activities or goodies. These balloons were clipped onto our previously undecorated Christmas tree along with some New Year's headbands and 2013 glasses. The tree was still up, so why not make good use of it?! I had seen this idea here and decided to do the same at my house.
Of course there are tons of different ideas about how to count down the New Year with your kiddos on Pinterest. I gathered some and thought of some of my own. I then decided instead of goodie bags (I saw so many variations of this idea floating around), I would put these different activities in the balloons and let them pop one an hour until midnight. We started the popping at noon. I and S took turns popping the balloons. One would choose the balloon and the other would pop it. They switched jobs every hour. Here is a list of activities we did in our countdown :)

Play “Go Fish”

Parent vs. Kid Relay Race

Scavenger Hunt

Snap Pops!
Balloon Volleyball

I also had a couple of balloons with some money in them. I did NOT have a balloon for midnight because we had a preset activity of toasting with sparkling cider, setting off our bigger fireworks, and watching the countdown (and then of course a hasty retreat to bed!)

The favorite activities were definitely the scavenger hunt, balloon volleyball, snap pops, and the tape ball game. I am greatly looking forward to doing this along with maybe some other fun activities next year. This is definitely going to become a tradition in our family. 

How did you ring in the New Year? Did you consult Pinterest for some fun ideas? Kids? No Kids? Drinking? Sober? However you celebrated, I hope you were safe and that you had a good time! Happy 2013 and may you be blessed with health, wealth, and happiness!!