Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let's get organized!!

That's easier said than done for this Momma...I am not a "neat" person. (This drives my dear sweet husband crazy too, as he is borderline OCD about tidiness) It also doesn't help that whenever I start organize some room or area or what have you, I am either distracted by something that I find to be more exciting OR Baby A demands my attention (and usually my boobs!) and by the time I get back to the process of organization its either time to go pick up one of the big girls from school or cook dinner or give baths or its bedtime....something! And then the day is done, and my organizing got as far as making a bigger mess in order to clean up/organize what was before, which of course is completely counterproductive.

I am currently in the process of cleaning up and organizing my office/guest room. You might not know it by looking in there, but I have actually made quite a bit of progress between the baby feedings, school pickups, homework help, dinners, etc. My biggest problem right now is that because we just moved into this house this past August, and because its a brand NEW house, I'm having trouble finding a place for everything. I have ZERO shelves in this room (aside from the bookcase that my husband bought and is now full of crafting items and scrapbooks). My biggest goal for that room at the moment is to simply throw away many of the items that are not needed. I am a packrat by nature and tend to think that Murphy's Law of throwing things away will bite me in the butt...."As soon you throw it away, you're going to need it for something!" BUT! C'est la vie. If I need something that I have wound up throwing away, then I will either consult Pinterest to see what I can use instead or I will just go buy it my mission is to fill at least three garbage bags with junk/trash by the time I have finished that room. I have already filled one. I have also found quite a few items that I am going to sell...either on the Facebook page or on eBay....

So what's the point of my ramblings? In an effort organize, I have set a goal for myself (three trash bags full) as well as provided a reward (money from the stuff being sold!) How do you find the motivation to do something you're not naturally good at?

After I get my office organized (or maybe while I work on the office....-see?! I get distracted) I am going to re organize my Pinterest boards and I am going to do something totally awesome....wanna know what??? Keep an eye out for my next blog post and/or watch my Pin boards! I am excited about it :)

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