Monday, April 8, 2013

My goody bag solution (a mini-tutorial)

A last minute decision by Miss I has caused me to have to re-think the goody bag contents for her Sofia the First birthday party. For the longest time the party was going to be a "Girls Only" party, until the day the invitations went out and she decided to invite all the boys in her class. No problem when it comes to activities, however the goody bags I had planned were pretty girl/princess-centric. Mini tiaras, bubble rings, heart bracelets, amulets, and a sucker. So I did some thinking, and came up with this- Sucker, tiaras, bubble ring "potions", heart bracelets, jumping frog, and miniature wooden Knight's sword. Where in the world did I find a mini wooden Knight's sword you ask???? My craft cabinets of course! I had seen ideas of Knight shields and Bubble swords for the boys floating around, but I needed something small just for the gift bags, so I decided to make my own mini swords! Here's how you can too!!
Popsicle sticks
Hot glue/wood glue
Acryclic paint (colors of your choice!)
Paint brush
Wood cutter of some sort (I used rose bush pruning shears)

1. Cut one popsicle stick into thirds
2. Glue a small piece onto a full popsicle stick approx 2.5 to 3 inches from the end
3. Let dry
4. Paint handles the color of your choice (I used black)
5. Paint the "blade" in the color of your choice (I used metallic white, followed by a coat of gold glitter paint)

That's it!! You just made a popsicle stick sword! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Since they are, in fact, popsicle sticks, the ends are rounded so the worst injury anyone could actually receive from these is *maybe* a splinter. But I figure if they're safe enough to be licked by 4 year olds then they should be safe enough to be held by them. So there you have it, an easy idea for boys' goody bags at a girl's princess party! (And I'm guessing the girls will have just as much fun with them!)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

DIY- Noodle Horses/Pegasus (Flying Derby Ponies!)

I have finished 13 Flying Derby ponies for Miss I's birthday party. They turned out so super cute!! I got the idea from this pin and decided to make them a reality. It took me a little while to find pool noodles and then when I did, places like Wal-Mart wanted close to $4 a piece. The local dollar stores finally got them in stock and I was able to find them for a $1 each. So, now I'm going to give you directions on how to make them yourself!!!

Foam Pool Noodles
Ribbon/String/fishing line/etc
Felt sheets
Low Temp Hot Glue and Gun
Fairy Wings
Googly Eyes (optional) - I did not use these however you can if you'd like
Rubber bands (optional)

1. Cut ribbon in 2 1/2 to 3 foot length. (enough to make a "halter" and "reins")

2. Fold Noodle down to form the horse "head"
3. Secure fold with either a rubber band or ribbon
*Note- the ribbon will be used to cover up the rubber band if you choose to use it. The rubber band simply makes it easier to hold the noodle in the right position, while you tie the ribbon/string*
4. Tie Ribbon tightly around the folded noodle and tie in a double knot on the horse's back. Be sure to leave some extra for the reins. (I hot glued the ends together so it was large loop)
5. Cut two 1 inch strips from each side of the felt.
6. Discard one of the inch strips.
7. Cut points on the ends of the remaining strip
8. Fold the larger piece of felt in half and cut a wave or zig zag pattern along the edge.
8. Tuck one inch strip into the fold of the noodle and pull each side up tightly.
9. Hot glue the "ears" in an upright position
10. Place your fairy wings into the position you would like them on your horse. The wings I used (from the dollar store!) had elastic straps that I used to tie them on into position. You can also hot glue them if you need to. Cut any extra elastic that's hanging.
11. Place your remaining piece of felt (the one you cut in a wave pattern) on top of the horse's back. Cover the knot from the reins (but keep the reins loose!) and use the felt to hold the top portion of the wings in place. Hot glue it into place.
12. Add eyes. You can glue Googly eyes or you can use a sharpie to draw the eyes on. Miss I was my official eye drawer for these horses.
*Optional Step: Spray fairy wings with hair spray to keep glitter (if there is any) from falling off.*

Ta-dah!! You have just made yourself your very own Flying Derby pony!!

Friday, April 5, 2013