Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'd rather give a bullet than take one...

Time for a serious post. There is a lot of things wrong with this country and how its citizens are becoming increasingly more victimized. I will warn you now, that I might offend you, and quite frankly if I do, I don't care. It simply means you need to open your eyes and really see whats going on. This is my opinion and politically correct or otherwise, I am entitled to it and luckily still have the freedom to express it for the time being.

Gun violence. Hot issue right now. And quite frankly I don't see why it needs to be. The solution is extremely simple, yet so many seem to turn a blind eye because....well I don't know why. The solution is that we need more guns...not less. Now let me explain what I mean. We need MORE GUNS IN THE HANDS OF GOOD PEOPLE. We need to educate the public and provide everyone with the tools and the knowledge to arm and protect themselves and those around them. More laws limiting gun sales or stricter background checks aren't going to solve this issue. Crazy people are crazy people are crazy people. If they want a gun, they aren't going to give a rat's behind about the laws or background checks. They will lie, cheat, and steal to get them regardless of what the politicians have put into effect. They are criminals, its what they do. All the stricter laws and background checks will do is make it harder for the good, law abiding citizens to purchase a firearm that could possibly used to stop the previously mentioned criminal.

Guns are not scary! They are not evil or mean or bad. They are pieces of metal and plastic/wood. Bullets are also not scary or evil or mean or bad. They are metal and powder. WHat is scary and evil and mean and bad are the people that obtain these weapons with the intention of hurting someone. The gun is a tool, just like a hammer or a car or a pencil. Its a tool. When people learn how to handle and respect guns, they can actually do way more good than bad. Let's look at two scenarios and you tell yourself (and BE HONEST!) which scenario you would feel safer in.

Scenario 1: You are a spectator at a SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) event. Men and women everywhere carrying pistols and rifles and bullets. All of these individuals are well aware of gun safety rules and know how to use their firearms efficiently and safely. During the competition one of the other spectators stands up and pulls out his own firearm and opens fire on the crowd.

Scenario 2: You are volunteering in your daughter's classroom at school. There is a single school officer who may or may not be on campus. There is a sign that states you are in a gun free zone
While volunteering, a man with a ski mask walks in and opens fire.

Which scenario do you feel safer in? Honestly. Which scenario is more likely? Scenario 2, which was demonstrated in the horrific tragedy on Dec 14. Why? Because criminals don't see the fine print at the bottom of that sign. They see a sign that looks like this instead.
So why is the country in such an uproar about taking guns away? Lets give more people guns. Let's educate more people and teach them how to use them safely and efficiently. Scenario 1 is so incredibly unlikely because criminals who walk into a school or a movie theater with the intention of killing innocent people are cowards. They choose places like that because they know that there is most likely no one there who will stop them. You are much safer from bad people with guns when you are surrounded by good people with guns than you are when the good people have been left with no defense. I'm a badass Momma and will damn sure take a bullet for my kids if I have to but I'd rather give a bullet (use my own firearm in defense) to protect them and get to continue being their Momma. Wouldn't you? Doesn't that seem more logical?

Don't believe me that good people with guns stop bad people with guns? Check out this article about an off-duty San Antonio Sheriff that stopped what could have been a deja vu of the Aurora tragedy. And why was this story kept quiet in the national news? This woman should be celebrated world wide! Sheriff or otherwise, she was armed and knew how to use her weapon safely and effectively. She had goodness in her heart and stopped the bad...with a gun! Want to argue with me that she's allowed to have a gun because she's a sheriff? Then check out this article.

But the majority of public places either won't allow you to carry a weapon or they look at you like you're the criminal. We are not "allowed" to defend ourselves from attack in any place outside of our home. And even then, if you shoot an intruder in your home, you better make sure you kill them or else they will sue you (and they've been known to actually WIN! Seriously, WTF?!) The laws in this country are seriously messed up. I know people agree with me on these issues, but for some reason, nothing is being done to rectify this situation. We need to stop listening to the media and demand better of our politicians. We are the ones who vote in these morons, and they are supposed to be listening to us, so lets make them or kick their asses out! We need to stand up for ourselves and tell the criminals, the politicians, the whole world- "This is my life, these are my rights, and you're not going to take either one of them away from me!"

We have so little ability to defend ourselves and our loved ones anymore because we are so limited by the unnecessary laws (which are repeatedly broken by....CRIMINALS!) Starting in school we are told "Use your words to solve your problems." Well that's great if your words can solve the problem. That is definitely a first course of action. But -I was told this when I was growing up, and I tell my kids the same thing- "Be nice to everyone and don't ever start any fights at school, but don't be afraid to finish one either." If a bully hits you and you say Stop and he/she doesn't stop, then I expect my kids to knock his/her block off. You fight back, bullies are significantly less likely to keep picking on you. Stand up for yourself! My Daddy says it best "Don't take shit from anyone." Want proof that it works?

I kid you not, in the first grade, a little boy was continually picking on my daughter. I told her to talk to him first and ask him to stop. I told her to tell a teacher. I even went to the assistant principal to talk about this situation. I went through all the "proper" channels. He wouldn't quit. Finally one day, he slapped her and she did what I had told her and she punched him square in the gut. He didn't pick on her at all the rest of the year and he actually started behaving better after that. Her teacher handled wonderfully, I might add. She began scolding her and asked why she had hit him. When she replied that he had slapped her first, the teacher simply said "Oh well, then this situation seems to have handled itself." And it had. The kids knew where they stood with one another and any other kids who thought it would be fun to bully her, knew to steer clear too. Once she stood up for herself and fought back, the problem solved itself.

But so rarely do schools handle situations like this with such common sense. It becomes a bigger issue than it should be and the victim is punished unnecessarily while the bully gets the sympathy and gets off scott free. And it only continues into adulthood. Its not politically correct to stand up for yourself anymore. You might offend someone else. Well guess what, too damn bad! We're not all going to agree on everything but we should all have the right to defend our choices, our views, our ideas, and most importantly ourselves.

Let's stop "using our words" and fight back. Criminals (and I use this term very loosely to describe any number of people if you know what I mean) are just bullies. If we punch them in their gut, they'll back down. They don't want us to fight back because it will only show the world how truly weak they are. America can be helped if its citizens would just arm themselves. With knowledge, with weapons, with common sense.

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  1. Bravo!! I absolutely totally agree! Give the criminals harsher punishments and leave the guns in the hands of honest citizens. If you can't guarantee me that no one will come into my home and hurt one of my daughters then you can't have my guns.


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