Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Photo Challenge

I love Pinterest, obviously. And I pin TONS of stuff. So I like this idea of the Pinterest challenges because it forces me to act on some of these pins that I may otherwise have just pinned and forgotten about. Much like I would have done with the Photo challenge. The challenges are holding me accountable for my pins LOL!

I like the Photo challenge this past week because I had to stop and think about which picture to take and how I wanted to do it. Rather than post one picture each day, I decided to wait until the end of the week and collage my photos. Here is a description and explanation (if I have one) for each picture :)

Button: Miss I had heard me talking about this photo challenge was determined (for the one day before she forgot about it LOL) to help me. She searched high and low for the perfect opportunity to take a picture of a button. I was changing Baby A when Miss I came running in from the backyard yelling, "Momma!! Momma!! I found a button for you to take a picture of!" So she held it out proudly and I snapped the picture :) Thanks for the help Miss I!! Love ya!

Hands: Baby A's hands are so tiny! I just love them so much! Especially when they grab me to keep me close and holding her. Melts a Momma's heart.

Sunshine: Sunshine through the blinds has always made a cool picture to me.

Sweet: My nectar wine! Yummy! But its not just sweet for its flavor but because my wonderful hubby brought it to me after a long day. Sweet in both flavor and gesture. I love that man!

Dinner: Most people would have taken a picture of what they ate for dinner...well, I would have but I forgot! LOL So I took a picture of my sweethearts eating "dinner".

Challenge: Oh Baby A! How I love you, but you did NOT want to sleep this day. You would only sleep if I was holding you, which made it difficult to get much done. If I put you down, you would SCREAM (as pictured!).

Looking up: No real explanation on this one. Just pointed the camera up and took the picture of my very tall entryway :)

Smile: Sweet Miss I. It took some tickles to get a smile out of her since she was in an ornery mood. And then she would only smile when she was looking down! What a stinker! I finally snapped one when she wasn't aware I was taking pictures and was able to capture a gorgeous grin on a gorgeous girl.

I loved Laina's interpretation on each picture for this week's challenge. She went a different way on a few of these pics and I think they turned out awesome! And of course, I love her "hands" pic...TwiMom for Life! LOL

Have you done a photo challenge? What are some of your favorite photo "subjects"?

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