Friday, February 15, 2013

Pink and Purple cookies...Challenge conquered- what's next?

So last week I posted the very first Pinterest challenge. I picked a fun Valentine's Day themed pin that I had seen before. PINK CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES! How fun, right? Heck yeah it was fun! Miss I said she wanted to do purple cookies, while Miss S wanted to stick with pink- so we doubled the fun and made BOTH! I ended up doing most of the mixing once they had added the ingredients, but that's ok because the cookie dough got EXTREMELY thick was hard for me to stir, so I can't blame them for stepping back from that step of the recipe.

We only cooked about a dozen on the first night...just enough for everyone to have a couple or three each. The General really liked them!!

 I was really pleased with how well this recipe turned out. They were super soft and yummy! We baked another set on Wednesday so that Miss I could take them to school for her Valentine's day party. After that we still had an entire container of purple cookie dough left in the freezer.

That container became the solution to one of my dilemmas that had arisen. Miss I's teacher's birthday was coming up on Feb 16 (tomorrow, but I's last day of school before that was Thursday) so we needed to come up with something as birthday gift in addition to her Valentine of Hershey Kiss Roses. So we printed off a sticker with baking instructions and a note that said "Happy Birthday from I. L." stuck it on the lid and then tied a ribbon around it. Voila! Instant teacher gift!! Score!

So that's how the first challenge went at our house. I know that several people accepted the challenge on The Pinspired Mom Facebook page but there were only a couple people who shared pictures! Thanks to Becky V. and Katie A. for sharing. Here is Becky's pictures :) She made oatmeal chocolate chip! Yum!

Katie's were apparently so yummy that she could barely take a picture before they were all eaten! It must have been the M&Ms she added :)

Great job everyone and I hope more people will start joining and sharing their Pinterest challenge pictures with us! So what is this week's challenge, you ask? It is a week long photo challenge.

I've always thought the idea of monthly photo challenges were a fun idea! But I always either forget a day or tend to forget completely towards the end. So I thought, why not try it for a week? I found a fun Photo Challenge for the month of February. But instead of doing the whole month obviously, start on Feb 15 and stop on Feb 22. The daily picture challenges are as follows:

Feb 15- Button
Feb 16- Hands
Feb 17- Sunshine
Feb 18- Sweet
Feb 19- Dinner
Feb 20- Challenge
Feb 21- Looking up
Feb 22- Smile

You can use a camera, phone, instagram, etc. Please don't just Google images, but rather find these items and take the pictures yourself. You can post them to the event or the main wall of the Facebook page. You can post a picture each day or you can wait and collage them and share on Friday, its up to you. I will share some of my favorites on my blog next week. 
Want to accept this week's challenge? Then be sure to join the event on Facebook!

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