Friday, February 22, 2013

A finished project + TGIF Blog Hop

So I have been working on a fun project for my girls' bathroom this past week that I was of course Pinspired by Pinterest to create. I pinned the image below and decided I could re-create this easily on my own.

I absolutely love this Bible verse and want to instill this very idea into my girls' hearts. Beauty is not skin deep, beauty is deep within your soul. So I set out to create this to hang in their bathroom.

First I used Microsoft Word's Word Art to design how I wanted the signs to look and then printed off on your standard printer paper. I tried to choose fonts that could be easily traced but still looked nice.

After I had printed the pages off, I used the side of a pencil to heavily shade the back of the letters. I, then, placed the paper pencil side down on my canvas board in the spot that I deemed "perfect". I used a pen to trace over the font on the front side of the paper (the printed side). I made sure to press kind of hard to make sure the pencil from the back transferred.

The copy method worked great and I had a wonderful outline of all the different fonts and words directly on my canvas! Yay! All that was left was to paint and finish. I chose colors that fit in my girls' bathroom and their personalities. Then painted a coat of Mod Podge over the top to give it that finished shine.

I added ribbons for hanging, but ended up hanging them will sticky tack and I think I'll remove the ribbon. I'm not sure yet though. 

3 Pack of Canvas boards from WalMart
Printer w/ standard paper
Paint- colors of your choice.
Mod Podge
Paint brushes
Ribbon (Optional)


  1. Found & following you via the TGIF blog hop. I think I could even do that! And what a great verse to put up. I'll definitely be pinning this to try out later. I'd love for you to link this up to my Tutorial Tuesday Blog Hop -

  2. What a beautiful saying and piece of ART for your girl's bathroom! I love the end result! I am a new follower from the pimp out showcase hop! *Hugs*

  3. Great saying and to see that on a daily basis, engraves it into the heart! I may do this!


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