Friday, February 1, 2013

Love is in the air!!!

With the arrival of February, comes the anticipation of Valentine's Day. And I have to say I'm pretty excited about my Valentine plan for the General. I'm not doing anything too terribly expensive or grand, but I am plotting a long term valentine. Starting today I will leave him a little something every day to show him that I am thinking of him and that he'll always "Be Mine". I started with the Hot Tamales hidden in his computer bag.

I got him some fun snacks/candies/cards that have funny/silly/witty notes with them. The notes that go with the snacks and candies are as follows-

Jack Link's Jerky- You drive me wild! 
Junior Mints- We were "mint" t o be together
Sunkist- I love to be "kist" by you
Starburst- You make my heart *burst* with love
RingPop- I'm glad you put a ring on it
Hot Tamales- You're one *Hot Tamale*
Reese's Pieces- I love you to pieces
Coke- I *soda* love you!
Angry Birds candy- Let's be Love Birds
"Ted" DVD (not pictured)- Will you be my "Ted"dy bear?

I'll be giving him the Ted DVD last and be using it as a "date" night for us on the 14th. The rest of it I'll be hiding in random places each night for him to find each morning. My pinspiration for this can be found on my "Valentines" board.
The girls will be giving him a new basketball as well as recreating the pics below for him to put in his office. This is on my pinterest board "Hubby Stuff"

                                                      Original Source

As for the girls' valentines- they'll each be getting new pjs. I'll also be sure to make some surprise treats for them and will surprise them with a root beer float party (pinspired by this valentine pin)

They are going to be handing out candy free valentines at school this year and we looked at a few options that didn't have candy, including bouncy balls, straws, and the one they chose- glow sticks. Tricolor 12" Glow Sticks 4 Pk (Google Affiliate Ad)

While their classmates may be getting candy-free V-day love, their teachers will be treated to 18 long stemmed Hershey Kiss Roses in a vase of candy conversation hearts! Hershey's Milk Chocolate Kisses, 40 oz Bag, 2 Bags (Google Affiliate Ad)

 I was reminded of these when I saw them floating around Pinterest. My mom and I had actually made them before YEARS ago and for what reason, I can't remember at all. But I still remembered how to make them. I tweaked the "recipe" slightly this time around. Originally we had used red or pink satin to cover the kisses and then tape them up and add the leaves. This time I just found pink and red wrapped kisses and covered them with saran wrap. Much easier and you still get the same effect.

So that's what I know is being given to those beloved by the people in my house. What I'll get? Who knows, but I'm sure I'll love whatever my 4 wonderful Valentines come up with. What will you give YOUR valentine(s) this year? Something handmade, inspired by pinterest, store bought? As long as it's given with love then it's the best valentine in the world!

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