Thursday, December 27, 2012

My New Year's Resolution ( of them anyway)

Well I have a few resolutions this year, but I am going to start this one a few days early. I am bound and determined to get my house on a set cleaning schedule so that I can spend as much time with my precious daughters as I can. Cleaning and organizing are sadly a necessary evil in the world of a stay at home mom, but the least amount of time I can spend doing them, the better. I found what looks to be a great schedule that I can start with on, where else? Pinterest of course!

It seems as though this will allow me to spend optimum time with my babies while still getting the cleaning done. I especially like Monday's chore because it will go super fast since I got a new Dyson Digital Vacuum for my birthday. 
(I love it!!! Its so easy to use and its super light!)  

  The only thing I can see that this schedule has left out is....dun dun dun!!! Laundry. Yuck. And sadly that seems to be almost a daily chore anymore at my house. I actually don't mind the washing and the drying, its the folding and putting away that gets me.

BUT! Alas! I will press on (not literally...this Momma doesn't iron. Remember I do good to get things folded and put away straight out of the dryer lol) and get my laundry and my housework done. Hopefully in a much quicker manner than in the past. 

Do you have any tricks to make housework easier, faster, more fun? Something to make it better than it is in its natural state? I have several tricks for cleaning on my pinterest  Cleaning Tips Board

Well, I suppose that this cleaning business will only happen if I get off the computer for a little while and actually do it.  Until next time...

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